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Noongar Country: The South West corner of Western Australia, from Geraldton on the West Coast, East to Southern Cross in the Wheat belt and as far South as Esperance on the South Coast. We are one of the largest Aboriginal cultural blocks in Australia.

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery would like to acknowledge the Wardandi Noongar people as the traditional custodians of the land we are situated on and pay our respects to the elders past, present and emerging. Noongar Country is an annual exhibition hosted by the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, open to all Indigenous artists residing/living on Noongar Country.

The exhibition invites senior artists, emerging artists and community groups, young and old, to submit works on a chosen theme, to celebrate the talent and diversity of local Indigenous artists and their stories. Noongar Country offers artists the opportunity to extend their practice by interpreting a theme, exhibit their artwork for sale and share in BRAG's goal of promoting high quality Indigenous art to a contemporary audience.

The theme "Always was, Always will be" is the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Observance Committee theme for NAIDOC Week 2020. BRAG's Noongar Country 2020 theme embraces this with "Your Mark, Your story: Always was, Always will be."

This is a call for artists to explore what this theme means to them and to portray that message in their work through medium of their choice. We invite you to enjoy exploring this theme, making your mark and telling your story.


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All Artists must be Indigenous and residing in Noongar Country (approximately as far North as Geraldton, East out to Southern Cross in the Wheat belt and down to Esperance).

1. Exhibition opens Sat 27th June 2020 and runs until Sunday 23rd August 2020. Works entered must be available for exhibition for this period and cannot be removed.

2. The Official Opening is Fri 3rd July 2020 at 6pm

3. Entry forms must be received no later than midnight, Sunday 31st May 2020. Late entries will not be accepted.

4. Artists may submit a maximum of 2 artworks. Artist Stories must accompany the Entry Forms.

5. All work submitted must be original, not shown previously at BRAG and the bona fide property of the artist. Artwork must be complete and dry before the delivery and artwork is to remain in the gallery space until the conclusion of the exhibition.

6. Works will be subject to a selection process. BRAG reserves the right to withhold any artwork from exhibition.

7. BRAG will appoint a panel of arts industry professionals to conduct the exhibition judging. The judges' decisions will be final.


Delivery, Freight & Insurance

Artworks must be delivered between 10am and 4pm Sat 13th - Tues 16th June 2020. No artwork will be accepted after these dates, unless with prior arrangements with BRAG staff.

1. A delivery form must be securely attached, but not glued to artwork. Forms will be provided to selected artists.

3. All artworks must be well packed to withstand travel. BRAG accepts no responsibility for damaged works.

4. Artists must arrange and meet the costs for forward freight to BRAG. No entries will be accepted on which there is forward freight to pay.

5. All artworks must be suitably presented, ready for exhibition. Framing is optional. Artworks must meet health and safety standards or risk rejection by selection.

6. BRAG does not insure the artworks while on the premises of Bunbury Regional Art Galleries and will accept no responsibility for insurance while artworks are in transit to and from the exhibition.

7. All 2-dimensional works must be fitted with D-latches positioned 30mm from the top of the work.


1. Copyright remains with the artist, but the artist grants BRAG a non-exclusive licence to reproduce artworks for promotion and educational purposes.

Sales & Commission

1. Sets or multiples that count as one entry will not be sold as separate pieces.

2. Sale price for the artwork in the exhibition will be set by the artist and stated on the entry form. The price stated by the artist must include the commission amount payable to BRAG and no responsibility will be accepted for miscalculation of the stated price.

3. For all artists the commission will be 33% of the total sale price. The price stated on your entry form will be the sales price on the wall label.

4. Artists who are not registered for GST and do not have an ABN must complete a statement by a supplier.

5. Artists will be notified of works being sold following the close of the exhibition. Unsold artworks must be collected between 10am and 4pm 25th 26 th 27th August 2020. BRAG accepts no responsibility for safe keeping of artwork after this date, unless advised otherwise by Phone or email.

6. All artists must allow 28 days processing time from the 25th August 2020 for payment on all sold items.

7. Any artist under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the entry form, An adults name and address must be supplied for the purpose of payment should the artwork be sold during the exhibition.


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