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Caro Lunel, This Fragile Earth - I offer you hope, 2015, ceramics and soil Caro Lunel, This Fragile Earth - I offer you hope, 2015, ceramics and soil

The Archive Room

The Archive Room is a small project space, located on the first floor of the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

The Archive Room aims to present a series of small, critically engaging and innovative installations of contemporary work. Proposals should have a considered rationale and should be for a complete installation, rather than individual works. The work must not have previously been exhibited in the South West.

The space is heritage listed and artists are not permitted to make any permanent alterations. The room has overhead fluorescent lighting and power outlets. There is one window, which faces onto the gallery’s internal verandah (inaccessible to the public).

Exhibitions run over a four week period, coinciding with gallery opening hours.

Your application should include:

  •  - A statement about the work you are proposing to exhibit.
  •  - A clear description of the anticipated installation and an installation plan or layout sketch if relevant.
  •  - Any technical requirements.
  •  - Images of work you are proposing to exhibit. If the work has not been made yet, include images of relevant recent work.
  •  - An indication of when the project would be available for exhibition at BRAG.
  •  - A budget outlining any costs associated with the project.
  •  - A relevant and concise CV.
  •  - Contact details.

To discuss your proposal, please contact the Gallery on 08 9792 7323 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can submit an exhibition proposal to BRAG at any time.

Postal address: Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, 64 Wittenoom St, Bunbury WA 6230

Floor plan of the Archive Room:


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