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Megan Shaw | Reassumed Ends

Location Convent Gallery
From Saturday 13 February 2021 -  10:00am
To Sunday 28 March 2021 - 04:00pm

Reassumed Ends explores the allure of discarded and low value objects by transforming the eclectic media of discarded toys, industrial materials and domestic bric-a-brac into aesthetic and painterly compositions.

This bright, playful, and aesthetic sculptural body of work comes after a lengthy process of material selection, collection, and restoration. Shaw utilises the term ‘object paintings’ when describing her wall-based sculptures, as she applies the aesthetic methodologies borrowed from painting such as balance, shape, colour, line and texture during the creative process.

Bricolage techniques piece together disparate materials into new aesthetic compositions. Playground equipment, scraps of plastic and industrial materials – such as piping, garden hoses and metal, are all uniquely worked to identify aesthetic properties and create new material outcomes. Often the materials and objects used in Shaw’s practice have surprising autonomous behaviours which present themselves in the making process, revealing what the material will and will not do. Viewers are encouraged to enter the exhibition through the tent-like sculpture Blue Cover. Made from a blue plastic pool cover, this piece acts as an artificial cleansing vestibule, overriding the visual senses and enabling a clean slate for the viewer to engage with the installation.

Reassumed Ends revels in the culturally embedded (human) aesthetic connections these materials maintain and elicit, particularly their allure and nostalgia. These materials even as junk, are inexplicable from a deeply embedded understanding of our world as we perceive it. Coming from a media saturated culture where objects, materials and ideas are not just conscious thoughts but embodied experiences, which seem impossible to articulate.

The act of rescuing these materials from land-fill or removing their functional quality, shifts the assumed values or ‘means’ issued to objects. The sculptures are an exploration of possible alternative ‘ends’ or ways to perceive the ordinary, to create an exciting re-encounter with the quotidian.

Image courtesy of the artist.



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