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Thresholds and Thoughtscapes

Location City Gallery
From Saturday 09 September 2017 -  10:00am
To Sunday 12 November 2017 - 04:00pm

Exhibition opening Friday 8 September, 6pm

In this exhibition, Annette Nykiel, Sarah Robinson and Jane Whelan acknowledge the connections between their creative practices. These concern the narratives of the wetlands, limestone caves and coastline, typical of South Western Australia. Through different mediums, they explore the geology, ecosystems and trail of flotsam and jetsam left in the wake of time.

Nykiel has a background of living and working on the land. Through the process of observing, walking and gathering, her making is a quiet, slow tactile engagement that asks questions of both material and place. As a bricoleuse she carries a basic toolkit with her ideas, memories, and skills and adds what she finds, letting these collected materials speak of the places from which they come.

 Robinson’s creative exploration investigating natural objects is in part inspired by limestone geologies. As a printmaker, her curiosity lies in scrutinising very small things as her work engages with the process of transforming images from data collected in the field. Employing contemporary digital and traditional printing processes that might challenge our perceptions of everyday things.

Whelan's environment is on the edge of the Peel Inlet, with its paperbark trees, wetland flora and fauna and remnants of bushland. Through her drawing, she explores ways to translate this experience of physical space within the limits of pictorial space. Employing charcoal and contrasting paper surfaces to evoke traces and suggestion, her work endeavours to describe the immersion of perception and its stillness of recognition.

While each artist has their individual ‘voice’, the dialogue between Nykiel, Robinson and Whelans' work, created for this exhibition, ‘talks’ of new thoughtscapes along the edges, margins and thresholds they explore. 


Image: Sarah Robinson, Meshing the in-between (work in progress), 2017, unstable inkjet print on acetate derived from photogrammerty, 24x24cm.



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