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Artists at the Helm

Location Front Room Gallery
From Saturday 07 February 2015 -  10:00am
To Monday 23 February 2015 - 04:00pm

Saturday 07 February 2015   10:00am

Artists at the Helm is the culmination of an environmental exploration undertaken by a group of South West Artists.  These artists have explored the fragile environment of the Helms Block Forest near Jalbarragup, it’s role as a habitat for endangered black cockatoos and the environmental threats it is currently facing.

Through an organic research process of talking, reading, walking, writing, drawing, photography and simply being in the space, each artist has developed a personal understanding of the nature of this place.  These diverse understandings are reflected in the exhibition, as works across multiple mediums express appreciation, trepidation, despair and protest. 

Helms Block has captured the imaginations and the hearts of these artists, and they invite you to take a journey through this wilderness before it disappears.

An exhibition catalogue, documenting the artworks and the environmental challenges which threaten Helms block is being produced through a crowdfunding campaign.  To secure your copy, and support Jamarri Black Cockatoo Sanctuary you can pledge through this link until February 14

For more information on the project and the Helms Block forest:

The exhibition will run until March 23 2015

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Featured image: Jake Yarwood, 2015, Untitled, photograph


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