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24 May 2013    -    24 April 2018
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    Exhibition Opening 20 April, 6pm The Stroke Photographic Group is a Bunbury-based collective of photographers who wanted to become more familiar with their photographic equipment and post processing software. After a journey of over three years, individuals have developed many new techniques when interpreting a number of different genres, all of which leading up ...
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    Mudlark (Jilinbirri) Metals

    Location City Gallery
    Mudlark (Jilinbirri) Metals is a delicate and intricate body of work that captures detailed woven designs and represents a traditional Aboriginal craft in metal. This exhibition showcases the work of the Jilinbirri Weavers in a contemporary art form, and brings to life the Aboriginal artists’ sense of community and cultural heritage. In 2013, ...
    Peg Pennell, Bunbury Welcomes the World (detail), 2017.
    The Bunbury International Quilt Challenge is an annual exhibition hosted by the Bunbury Patchwork and Quilting group. Now in its 21st year, the exhibition has received entries from Canada, USA, France, South Africa, Japan, Scotland, UK, New Zealand, and from all over Australia. This year’s theme is “I Like...”, with entries being judged ...
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    The Index

    Location Convent Gallery
    Exhibition opening Friday 9 March, 6pm The Index is a study on harmony and disruption. The project, which has been in development since 2014, is a response to the escalating fear and terror in the world. It creates an index of moments caught in performance, photographs and life that contribute to a sense ...
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    South West Art Now

    Location Chapel Gallery and Lower Gallery
    Opening Saturday 24 February 6-8pm   South West Art Now presents new works by 60 artists who live and work in the region and showcases a survey of the many artistic voices who are creating the culture which defines this particular geographic area.  These artists are working across a diverse spread of mediums, and ...
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    A Matter of Response

    Location City Gallery
    Opening Friday 2 February, 6pm A Matter of Response is an exhibition by six South West artists who have been invited to collaborate in pairs in response to their choice of artworks and associated stories from the City of Bunbury Art Collection. The exhibition creates new connections and relevance to key artists and ...
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    Painting the Town explores over 100 years of the history of Bunbury through works from the City of Bunbury Art Collection. The artworks trace the changing landscape of the town and surrounds from the early 1900s to the present. Through artists’ impressions history has been recorded, providing an important link to the past ...

    Interpretations: Australind Art Club

    Location Fourth Gallery
    Formed in 1985, the Australind Art Club has had over 200 members over its lifetime.  The Club meets weekly, Mondays and Wednesdays at the Stirling Street Art Centre.  The members are committed diligently to developing their individual skills and aesthetics while sharing experiences and discoveries in an encouraging, supportive manner.  Consistently, throughout ...

    Salt: The Blue Series 2018

    Location Convent Gallery
    Opening Friday 19 January, 6pm.   Salt: The Blue Series 2018 is a collaboration between two South West artists – Tracie Anderson and Sharon Hinchliffe. A shared love of the ocean is evident in their works, and their complimentary styles and materials offer a delightful insight into the shorelines of our region. Anderson’s ceramics ...
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    Bibbulmun Noongar/Yamatji Budymia International artist Tjyllyungoo/Lance Chadd, makes autobiographical artworks, imbued with spiritual gravitas. He paints under his traditional tribal name Tjyllyungoo, given to him by his Father meaning Old Man/Law man/Wisdom. This exhibition presents works from his Boorongorup collection, expressions of the sacred birth place of Totemism for the Bibbulmun peoples ...

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