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02 March 2016    -    31 January 2021
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    Elisa Markes-Young | Saudade

    Location Fourth Gallery
    Saturday 23 January 2021 - Sunday 11 April 2021
    The work in this exhibition is part of a new series that is a continuation of my previous bodies of work, “The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced”, “The Original Place” and a 2018 installation called “Memory of a Memory”. This ...

    Helena Sahm | Building Happiness

    Location City Gallery
    Saturday 16 January 2021 - Sunday 18 April 2021
    The built environment both public and domestic has been a longtime focus for Helena Sahm’s artwork.  Originally from Sydney, she developed a more intimate relationship with Bunbury by creating images of its buildings when she made the city her permanent ...

    Drew Pettifer | A Sorrowful Act: The Wreck of the Zeewijk

    Location Lower Gallery
    Saturday 19 December 2020 - Sunday 14 February 2021
    A Sorrowful Act: The Wreck of the Zeewijk derives from a broader investigation within Drew Pettifer's work to unearth hidden queer histories through archival art practices. The exhibition focuses on the first recorded moment in (European) queer history in Australia: a ...
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    On the Cusp

    Location Convent Gallery
    Saturday 12 December 2020 - Sunday 07 February 2021
    On the Cusp is a collaborative exhibition showcasing the artworks of students from Edith Cowan University’s School of Arts and Humanities (South West campus). The exhibition celebrates the unique creative journeys of students studying visual arts. Students have deepened their understanding ...
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    City of Bunbury Collection | Texture

    Location Ron Middleton Gallery
    Saturday 28 November 2020 - Sunday 31 January 2021
    This exhibition is an exploration of ‘texture’ in its many and varied forms. In the visual arts, texture is the perceived surface quality of a work of art. It is one of the seven formal design elements, along with line, ...
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    Christopher Young | Eight: The Shift

    Location Chapel Gallery
    Saturday 21 November 2020 - Sunday 21 February 2021
    Eight: The Shift is an exhibition of photography by Western Australian artist Christopher Young. Uncovering end-of-life cultural experiences, the work explores how people respond to the experiences, environments and institutions they encounter during such times. In hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and ...
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    Christmas Shop 2020

    Location City Gallery
    Saturday 14 November 2020 - Sunday 10 January 2021
    The Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s much beloved Christmas Shop exhibition is back for another year. There is nothing more wonderful than receiving a handmade fine art object in your Christmas stocking, and Christmas Shop has always been a perfect opportunity to ...

    The South West Printmakers | Unfolding

    Location Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
    Saturday 31 October 2020 - Sunday 17 January 2021
    The South West Printmakers are a group of artists based in the south west and southern coast of Western Australia. Each member operates their own studio from Donnybrook, Dunsborough, Bridgetown to Kronkup, and collaborate regularly to exhibit their work. The ...

    Trevor Bly and Patrick Doherty | Disappointing Vanilla

    Location Convent Gallery
    Saturday 24 October 2020 - Sunday 06 December 2020
      Disappointing Vanilla is the latest instalment of experimental prints, drawings and paintings by collaborative artists Trevor Bly (WA) and Patrick Doherty (WA) exploring the ideas of localism, conflict, myth making and the human condition. Bly and Doherty have been working ...

    Iluka Visions 2020

    Location Chapel Gallery
    Saturday 26 September 2020 - Sunday 15 November 2020
    Iluka Visions is an annual, professionally run exhibition which celebrates creativity and provides the highest standard arts industry experience to South West High Schools. Now in its 29th year, Iluka Visions introduces students to the experience of competitive selection by a ...
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    Claire Davenhall | LOST SOLES: Sent Beyond The Sea

    Location Convent Gallery
    Saturday 12 September 2020 - Sunday 18 October 2020
    Claire Davenhall is an international artist who explores the early migration of people to Australia through her sculptural work, capturing the lost soles from convict women from the first and second fleets. This work aims to provide historical identity to ...
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    Julie Dowling | Yagu Gurlbarl (Big Secret)

    Location Lower Gallery
    Saturday 05 September 2020 - Sunday 29 November 2020
    ART ON THE MOVE touring exhibition Yagu Gurlbarl (Big Secret) presents a collection of works by renowned artist Julie Dowling. Yagu Garlburl (Big Secret) centers on the theme of slavery of First Nations Peoples in Australia, both in past centuries ...
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    Collaborations 2020

    Location City Gallery
    Saturday 29 August 2020 - Sunday 08 November 2020
    Collaboration WA Inc was formed by a group of enthusiastic West Australian wood artists in early 2008. The idea behind the formation of the group was to bring together not only artists working in wood, such as wood turners and ...

    Timbo Roberts | Suñña

    Location Convent Gallery
    Saturday 01 August 2020 - Sunday 06 September 2020
    Timbo Roberts Suñña Through practicing, teaching, and communicating mindfulness, my understanding of the Pali word Suñña continues to deepen. It is often translated to mean ‘nothingness’ or ‘emptiness’, however, Suñña means the potential of all things; that all things are ever-changing and ...

    Noongar Country 2020

    Location Lower Gallery
    Monday 29 June 2020 - Sunday 23 August 2020
    Noongar Country 2020 Your mark, your story: Always was, always will be. Award night Friday the 14 Aug at 6pm. Due to COVID restrictions, this event is for exhibiting artists and their partners only. Please make sure to RSVP. The theme for this ...

    Stormie Mills | Whose name was writ in water

    Location City Gallery
    Saturday 07 March 2020 - Sunday 10 May 2020
    Whose name was writ in water opens on Friday 6 March 2020, 6pm.   Ever conscious of my own youth spent making works in and on the streets and its inherent lack of permanence this exhibition has been inspired by my exploration of John ...

    Susan Ecker | Elements Form

    Location Ron Middleton Gallery
    Saturday 29 February 2020 - Sunday 19 July 2020
    Elements Form opens on Friday 28 February 2020.   Seeking iconographic descriptions of Western Australia, concentrating on enduring elements – the land, rock formations, the river – this work explores, extracts and reconstructs those elements, stunning, visually fascinating, evoking memory, to confirm that ...

    Joel Smoker | Big Wide Land

    Location Fourth Gallery
    Saturday 22 February 2020 - Sunday 05 April 2020
    The Big Wide Land exhibition comprises of large pastel drawings by Western Australian artist Joel Smoker. The drawings are sketched on location, then completed in the artist's studio at Binningup in the southwest. The subject matter are places from around ...

    South Western Times Art 2020

    Location Lower and Chapel Gallery
    Saturday 15 February 2020 - Sunday 26 April 2020
    You are invited to the opening of the South Western Times Art 2020 exhibition on Friday 14 February 2020 | CLICK HERE TO RSVP   Join us for the opening of this year's survey exhibition 'South Western Times Art 2020'. Make sure to pencil ...
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    How Did I Get Here?

    Location City Gallery
    Saturday 18 January 2020 - Monday 02 March 2020
    How Did I Get Here?, the first capsule exhibition of works from Art Gallery of WA’s (AGWA) State Art Collection opens on Friday 17 January, 6pm at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery as part of the Freighting Ideas state-wide initiative.     Inspired ...

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