2023 Bunbury Biennale

From Sunday 02 April 2023 -  10:00am
To Monday 05 June 2023 - 04:00pm

Sunday 02 April 2023   10:00am

The Bunbury Biennale is a major West Australian contemporary art event with an acquisitive component. It was initiated in 1993 with the aim to acquire new works from the Biennale to expand and diversify the City of Bunbury Art Collection. The other purpose of this exhibition is to engage and educate the public on new trends in contemporary arts practices.

Since its inception the Biennale has been an open platform for artists to present the latest trends in cutting edge contemporary art, pushing boundaries, exploring challenging concepts and stretching limits.

The 2023 Bunbury Biennale provides the theme Culture / Nature with the purpose of presenting a cohesive survey of WA contemporary arts practices.

Sweeping shifts in our environment, often the result of human activities, are disrupting norms around the world.  Civilization as we know it is transitioning through a radical moment in history. While many may feel confounded by the larger threats posed by environmental change, artists, designers, and craftspeople are at the forefront of asking what our relationship to the environment is, has been, and could be, going forward.

In response, 27 West Australian artists have been selected to explore this concept and submit new works to be exhibited as part of the show.


Alex Winner / Pauline White and Julia Sutton / Louise Wells / Sarah Thornton-Smith / Louise Tasker / Sally Stoneman / Helen Seiver / Helen Robins / Fiona Rafferty / Perdita Phillips / Lori Pensini / Sherry Paddon / Holly O’Meehan / Annemieke Mulders / Paul Moncrieff / Rob Kettels / Sarah Keirle / Pablo Hughes / Susan Hauri-Downing / Jillian Green / Miik Green / Fiona Gavino / Elizabeth Edmonds / John Eden / Ian Dowling / Ian Daniell

Accompanying the 2023 Bunbury Biennale is an exciting public program of both free and tickets events including the official opening event held on Saturday 1 April 2023.

These events provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with the exhibition in new ways and learn from the artists themselves. Program details to be announced  

The exhibition will run from 2 April 2023 to 5 June 2023 at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

The gallery is open to the public 10am to 4pm from Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays. Groups bookings can be arranged by appointment on Monday and Tuesday. 




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