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Compound Eyes I Group Exhibition

From Saturday 13 August 2022 -  10:00am
To Sunday 23 October 2022 - 04:00pm

Saturday 13 August 2022   10:00am

The Gallery is open daily from 10am to 4pm and entry is always free.

NOTE: The gallery will be closed from Monday 19 to Friday 23 September. Our doors will reopen from 10am Saturday 24 September 2022.

 A group exhibition by Eleanor Davies, Rona Mirtle and Molly Coy.



COMPOUND EYES' Manifest from our individual, combined interest, research and existing work relating to Moths, Bees & Beetles, both real and imagined. We are all passionate about Printmaking - mono prints, collographs, intaglio techniques plus the largest group of the animal kingdom living in south Western Australia, the Insects. Particularly the moths, native bees and beetles.

Do we really see them? Emotive dislike, fear or indifference often cause us to overlook the beauty, impact and value on and to both the macro and micro, natural and built environments. Our wonderful South West is a bio-diversity hot spot but with many species endangered by encroaching loss of habitat. Compound eyes also relates to three artists (three sets of eyes) increasing the field of view, thought, experience and imagination enabling us to evoke interest, emotion and influence, by creating a range of thought provoking works, including but not limited to the mediums of Printmaking, Painting, Textiles, Objects and Artist Books. A multifaceted approach to the theme will explore not only the three genus and their place within natural ecosystems but also the loss of habitat and consequent migration into our built environment. Considering and challenging concepts of perception and differing ways of 'seeing' (from an insect eye) including the plethora of myths and stories woven around and through human shared histories, so much to explore. Working within a group, to a single theme is discipline that has expanded and honed our individual skill sets which is reflected in our own art practices now and going forward. Both our similarities and differences in media, materials, knowledge and methodologies has coalesced into interesting artworks for the exhibition, but importantly will continue to enlighten and renew our further artistic endeavours. We have combined our displayed works and included a collaborative three dimensional piece in the window space, designed to encourage engagement and response.



Eleanor Davies

Originally working as a professional performer/director/clown and teacher for 25yrs both nationally and internationally, Eleanor has increasingly become passionate about visual arts and exploring how to make sense of, or form an understanding of what she sees through this medium. Painting and print making are her current my main focus. Eleanor enjoys exploring the process of mono printing as she can see a connection between her own experience of making a live performance and making a mono print, it’s a one off experience.

Eleanor has participated in a small number of group exhibitions, ArtGeo 2019, Margaret River TAFE exhibition 2019 plus winner of Readers and Writers Art Award 2021 and is currently studying Visual Arts at Margaret River TAFE.

Rona Mirtle

Rona Mirtle lives and works in Margaret River where she immerses herself in her surrounds observing and taking note of the small and often overlooked animals – insects.

She is particularly fascinated by moths, beetles and bees and their impact on just about everything. As an artist – and beekeeper - she processes beeswax to create encaustic paint and uses plant materials to colour her textile work. She is completing her Diploma in Visual Arts at TAFE where she won student of the year in 2018. Her current work involves printmaking techniques particularly collagraphs.

Molly Coy

Working as both lecturer and administrator in the TAFE Visual Arts sector before starting her own business as a restoration bookbinder, the sale of ‘MollyDotBook’ allowed the time and sparked enthusiasm to revisit artistic endeavours. Artist Books were the obvious extension of Molly’s skills allowing opportunity to collaborate with established artists such as Leon Pericles ‘Overprint’ plus an award winning (City of Busselton Art Prize 2016) edition ‘Handscapes’ with letterpress historian Clare Bolton, subsequent sales to State, National and International Artist Book Collections, giving Molly the profile in this niche genre.

Returning to study (Diploma of Visual Arts at Margaret River TAFE) Molly explored other exacting and exciting disciplines. Now involved in a collaborative group exhibition in a major gallery Molly believed this will help explore new directions and is excited for what’s to come.

Image Credit: Rona Mirtle, Here Comes the Sun, 2021, Screen Print Ink and Wax Encaustic on Hoso Paper, 45cm x 56cm. 



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