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Cover Story

Location Ron Middleton Gallery
From Saturday 04 November 2017 -  10:00am
To Sunday 21 January 2018 - 04:00pm

Exhibition opening Friday 3 November, 6pm. 

Yvonne Dorricott - Lianne Jay - Sue Dennis - Anne-Marie Lapinski - Liz Royce - Janette Trainer - Carol Farmer - Helen Hulme-Gerrard - Cynthia Dix

‘Narrative’ may not start or finish, it reveals the passage of time and circumstance; peeling away the layers to stimulate thought and conversation, to give a voice to personal truths, and to challenge challenging both artist and viewer.

The latest exhibition from The South West Printmakers, Cover Story focusses on the use of narrative, as each artist explores story in their work. Through a process of playful investigation, each artist has chosen a favourite, personally thought provoking book as a springboard for their own work. The resulting artworks represent a series of personal connections to the importance of narrative, as well as a glimpse into the personal stories of the artists.

The artists have worked individually in response to this theme and also together on a collaborative print sharing project, to create the dustcover of their imagined book, inviting each other to enter into the author’s world. The dustcover acts as a protective skin for the inner workings of the book, as well as the interface between the author and the reader. It entices the reader in deeper, is the beginning of a conversation between the writer and the reader which unfolds throughout the reading.

The South West Printmakers was established in 2005 and is a regional art group dedicated to creative ideas in contemporary printmaking. Each year, they undertake a professional development camp to refine their ideas and skills – this year at Broke Inlet, in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park near Walpole. The artists’ work individually to express a common theme and come together annually to exhibit at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries and share their love of printmaking with the wider community.


Image: Helen Hulme-Gerrard, Seaweed Cyanotype [2841] (detail), 2017, cayanotype.




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