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Bunbury Biennale 2015

Location Chapel Gallery; Lower Gallery
From Sunday 14 June 2015 -  10:00am
To Sunday 02 August 2015 - 04:00pm

Opening 13 June, 6pm

The Bunbury Biennale 2015 will be the 11th exhibition showcasing contemporary art. The vision is to continue to position this exhibition as a significant, regular event held in regional Western Australia.

The Bunbury Biennale 2015 will showcase challenging, Western Australian art at its very best and it is this commitment to contemporary art that elevates this event as a prestigious and recognised exhibition that is a leader in its field.

New works are acquired from the Biennale to expand and diversify the City of Bunbury Art Collection.



Tom Blake
Denise Brown
Jennifer Cochrane
Rebecca Corps
Amanda Doust
Anna Dunnill
Stuart Elliott
Donna Fortescue
Catherine Higham
Oliver Hull


Eric Hynynen
Jarrad Martyn
Angela McHarrie
Paul Moncrieff
Michael Vincent Murphy
Ron Nyisztor
Marianne Penberthy
Claire Pendrigh
Denise Pepper
Perdita Phillips


Nien Schwarz
Helen Seiver
Sue Starcken
Collin Story
Monique Tippett
Marina Troitsky
Mark Tweedie
Gera Woltjer
Greg Woodward




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