Events for
08 August 2020    -    15 August 2020

    Timbo Roberts | Suñña

    Location Convent Gallery
    Saturday 01 August 2020 - Sunday 06 September 2020
    Timbo Roberts Suñña Through practicing, teaching, and communicating mindfulness, my understanding of the Pali word Suñña continues to deepen. It is often translated to mean ‘nothingness’ or ‘emptiness’, however, Suñña means the potential of all things; that all things are ever-changing and ...

    Noongar Country 2020

    Location Lower Gallery
    Monday 29 June 2020 - Sunday 23 August 2020
    Noongar Country 2020 Your mark, your story: Always was, always will be. The theme for this year's National NAIDOC Week celebration of Indigenous culture Always was, always will be, recognizes that Australia’s First Nation people have occupied and cared for this continent ...

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